[Pictures of Peachblow Farm] Updated as of May 9, 2015

We are all out of dry firewood but we do have bins of dried pine slabs at $35. The bins can be loaded directly into a pickup for ease of handling. We do not deliver. If you're interested in pine or hardwood lumber, contact us.

We still have a good supply of seedless straw in the barn. However, the crop is not as heavy as expected due to a cool spring. With this limited supply, the price will be increased by $1 to $9 per bale for up to 9 bales, $8 per bale for up to 49 bales and $7 per bale for 50 or more. We have a large quantity of good mulch hay and new July cut hay for $4. Second cut hay is $6. Poor quality mulch hay is $2.50. Only plastic twine is used on all our hay products. All straw and hay is available in palletized form. Call to make arrangements.

The best way to contact us is through e-mail, but if you need immediate attention, call the cell phone number (see Contact Us).

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