[Pictures of Peachblow Farm] Updated as of July 11, 2024

STRAWBERRY season has come to an end. See below for details.

Please note our email address is PeachblowFarm@comcast.net and the phone at the strawberry shed is now 603-826-3980. You can also call 301-643-0410 for questions. For information about straw or hay specifically, call 603-398-8090.

Strawberries Hello! Looks like the berry season is all done. Sorry for the short notice, thought we were going a bit longer, but it came to an abrupt end today.

Thanks to all our loyal customers for being so patient this year. Unfortunately the fields we planted last summer were flooded out several times so we had fewer strawberries than in years past. We are hoping the new field we planted for next year will be much better. See you next year!

Fishing pond We are sorry to say, but we have made the difficult decision to post our pond area so that will no longer be open for public use. Unfortunately, we have had increased incidents of it not being used responsibly and this is the best way to preserve it. We appreciate your understanding.

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the New Hampshire Farm of Distinction honors by the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Foods. This program was started in 1997 to recognize NH commercial farms that make an effort to keep their farms pleasing in appearance by maintaining buildings in good repair and keeping fields well tended. In addition to taking care to maintain the beauty of the land, we have also placed high importance on adhering to GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and promoting the use of locally grown food by supplying produce to the Hannaford grocery store chain. We are honored to have been recognized for our efforts.

Attention straw bale gardeners - our seedless straw is grown without chemicals! Growing rye for straw is not like growing it for grain. Since the seedless straw does not require the rye to grow to maturity, and the rye is grown thicker, the weeds are not an issue.

The status of our straw and hay supply:

> We now have seedless straw. The price is $11 per bale, 10 or more bales for $10/bale and over 50 bales for $9/bale.

> We have plenty of first cut hay at $7 per bale.

> We have two grades of second cut hay, one at $12 and one at $8.

> We have mulch hay at $4 per bale.

> All straw and hay is available in palletized form with 24 or 32 bales to a pallet. Call 603-398-8090 to make arrangements.

> Only plastic twine is used on all our bales of hay and straw.

We have dry firewood in pallet boxes (see Pictures). The boxes are measured when sold and priced at $350 per cord. The pallet boxes can be loaded directly into a pickup for ease of handling. We can acommodate deliveries through a third party.

Field stones are available in large quantities for $20/ton. Small quantities are also available, but price would be negotiable. These stones can be used for walls, ditch drainage, etc. They vary in size from pebbles to boulders and come in a variety of shapes and colors.

The best way to contact us is through e-mail, but if you need immediate attention, call the cell phone number (see Contact Us). For GPS directions, use 29 Strawberry Row, Charlestown.

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