Peachblow Farm

Seedless Straw

rye field Peachblow Farm seedless straw is winter rye that is planted in the fall and is cut in mid-June before pollination is complete therefore there are no viable seeds. This technique also eliminates the problem of weed seeds because the rye grows so thick, the weeds don't have a chance. If some weeds do get by, like in thin spots, the mid-June cutting date gets them when they are immature. This process also prevents invasive plants from being spread.

Straw is usually a by-product of producing grain. Most straw used in New Hampshire is imported from western New York and Canada where there is more grain production. Because the straw is a by-product of the grain it may contain weed seeds and the seed of the crop that escaped the combine. Straw grown here at Peachblow Farm is the main crop so no seed is harvested and therefore the straw can be produced in a seedless manner. It is a superior product and also has the benefit of being local to New Hampshire consumers.

straw bale Seedless straw is very useful in mulching strawberries, garlic, new lawns, and gardens. It is acceptable for use by organic farmers as a mulching material or soil amendment. It can also be used for bedding dogs and horses and for construction of straw houses.

Seedless straw is available at all times at the farm. Unfortunately there is no shipping.